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Welcome to JayShah.us! Take a look around and enjoy your visit. Take a look at my Vimeo.com site and check out my past and latest finished 3D movies and previews. New 3D movies are coming in 2014! Check back later for more details and info. Thanks for stopping by! ~ Jay Shah ~

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This site shows all the Animations that I've created from 2004-2014, made in my spare time as a hobby with a very limited budget and time. All digital work in here was made using Bryce, Poser and Corel PhotoPaint 7 : PLUS, and several other programs that help me to express myself and show movies made from my ideas and imagination. My animating skills I have learned and tried to improve from 2004 until the present has been self-taught and learned on my own. I hope to be a PRO animator someday, and this site shows just the beginning of my best animations to come.

I have plans to start using Poser 7, Bryce 6+7, Blender(latest), Carrera 6 PRO, Hexagon 2.5, Vue 8 + Frontier and Daz Studio 3+4 in 2013-2014. Take a look around! MORE content will be posted in here shortly! JAY SHAH

These sites below have provided me years of affordable 3D Bryce & Poser models
for all my animations since 2004.

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Malice In Hell                                                   

Scroll images by bigoo.ws

The Pookminn
The Pookminn 2 : Vengeance
The Pookminn 3 : Extinction PREVIEW
The King Of Brutal Wars
The King Of Brutal Wars 2 : The Chains Of Eternity - PART 1

Malice In Hell 9:45 2004-2011
Malice 2 : Hell On Earth 13:41 2008-2010
Malice 3 : The Alien Wars - Part 1 13:41 2008-2012
Malice 3 : The Alien Wars - Part 2 24:13 2008-2012
J-Robot HD Music Video 2:43 2009-2012
Love Is Like A Machine - HD Music Video 3:03 2010-2012
Gasper - A Dimented Beginning - HD 6:16 2009-2013
Alicia In The UnderWorld - Part 1 17:10 2009-2013
Alicia In The UnderWorld - Part 2 26:04 2009-2013
Alicia : The Madness Ends 33:00 2012-2013
The King Of Brutal Wars 17:44 2010-2013
The King Of Brutal Wars 2 : PART 1 24:21 2010-2013
The Pookminn 11:45 2012
The Pookminn 2 : Vengeance 14:23 2012-2013
KendoYosha 27:47 2011-2014

KendoYosha 2 : The Wrath Of Voorthangg - HD
Malice 4 - The Final Fantasy - HD
The King Of Brutal Wars 2 : PART 2 - HD
The Pookminn 3 : Extinction - HD
Purgatory Eve - HD
Bleck - HD
Forgetting Maya - HD
Devin Will Cry - HD
The Night Of Darkness - HD



The First Voice Actress Featured In My Movies

Meosha Bean
From M.V.B. Films

Meosha Bean - Voice Actress - M.V.B. Films

Meosha Bean has been helping me with several different 3D character voices in my latest animated movies, which includes:

Alicia's older sister Miranda in
Alicia In The UnderWorld - Part 2

The Oracle Of The Earth - Gaiva in
The King Of Brutal Wars 2 :
The Chains Of Eternity - Part 1

Lillia in The Pookminn 2 : Vengeance

+ Adult Lillia in The Pookminn 3 : Extinction

and ALSO as the MAIN CHARACTER VOICE, Kayumi, in my latest finished movie, KendoYosha.

Meosha Bean owns and runs her own company, M.V.B. Films, and is a multi-talented actress as well as film and video director/producer. She has been gracious enough to help me with all my movies so far, and if she has time will be featured in several more upcoming movies I have planned for 2014-2015. Check out her YouTube Channel and her Main M.V.B. Website for more info about Meosha.

The Characters Meosha Bean Voiced

Meosha voices the character Miranda, Alicia's older sister in Alicia In The UnderWorld - Part 2

Miranda - Alicia In The UnderWorld - Part 2

Meosha voices the character Lillia, a girl trapped at a Pookminn floating island building villages for the Pookminn in The Pookminn 2

Lillia - The Pookminn 2 : Vengeance

Meosha voices the grown up/Adult character Lillia, that escaped the floating island Dark Kevin attacked in The Pookminn 2.

Adult Lillia - The Pookminn 3 : Extinction

Meosha voices the character Kayumi in my upcoming 3D animation, KendoYosha

Kayumi - KendoYosha

Meosha voices The Oracle Of The Earth - Gaiva - In The King Of Brutal Wars 2 : The Chains Of Eternity - Part 1

The Oracle Of The Earth - Gaiva
The King Of Brutal Wars 2 : The Chains Of Eternity - Part 1

Click the thumbnails above to see the larger images.


Recent Updates:



3D Fantasy-Horror Short - KendoYosha - PLAYING IN HD!

A new movie I created recently about Kayumi, who is waiting for her boyfriend Kyle at picnic spot they found earlier, and she is mysteriously transported to another dimension away from Earth called Vozztarrangg, by Xuvallia who wants her help to carry out her evil plans. Kayumi must find out why she was abducted to the realm of Vozztarrangg and she finds help from KendoYosha, who is out to stop Xuvallia and her hordes of evil creatures from terrorizing the realm of Vozztarrangg, once and for all. Kayumi and KendoYosha must make a dangerous journey to Jomminjo Point to get her back home safely to her boyfriend.

A crazy fantasy and horror/action movie inspired by the anime show, Inuyasha, which aired around 2000 or so. I am currently making the sequel to this, KendoYosha 2 : The Wrath Of Voorthangg, which will be finished in 2014-2015.

3D Action-Adventure Short - The King Of Brutal Wars - PLAYING IN HD!

The King Of Brutal Wars
Rendering, voice production, music and sound effects for a "God Of War"-LIKE 3D Bryce and Poser short has been produced, and I have made the graphics as well as the plot of this short 17 minute movie, as high as Bryce and Poser 6 will allow me(full Superfine Anti-Aliasing(Smoothing)). Get READY for BRUTAL violence, action and visuals that are the HIGHEST ever attempted with Bryce and Poser. It's a movie inspired by the GOD OF WAR(1-3) PS2 + PS3 video games, and it was finished for 2011, but I have RE-RENDERING it today in HD(1280X720).

ALSO PLAYING - The King Of Brutal Wars 2 : The Chains Of Eternity - PART 1 - IN HD!

The King Of Brutal Wars 2 : The Chains Of Enternity - PART 1
This is the continued story of Gravoz's journey to save his wife and kids from their fate of being put to death by Xerac, which leads to him beginning a new and darker journey to once again try to save his wife and country he lives in from the destruction and evil plans of his brother, Damos. Gravoz must seek help and must prepare himself for a final trip to put an end to his wife and families misery brought about by the dark forces his brother Damos is commanding and controlling for his evil purposes. PART 1 is just the beginning of Gravoz's new quest, and PART 2 is the FINAL and MOST BRUTAL ENDING to this SERIES! The 1st PART is fully rendered and finished, and PART 2 is being produced for 2014!

NEW 3D Animations! The Pookminn 1 + 2 - NOW PLAYING IN HD!

The Pookminn HD Animation By Jay Shah

I came up with a crazy and silly new idea for an animation while seeing YouTube videos of the games Pikmin and Akimi Village for the PS3, called The Pookminn. This randomly imagined and created series is about a young character named Kevin that wakes up at a mysterious floating island in a an unknown realm, surrounded by weird mouthless and tiny creatures called the Pookminn. Wanting to go back to his happy home, a deal is made with the local Pookminn overlord or caretaker of the Pookminn, in order for Kevin to go back home. Kevin must help the tiny Pookminn build villages and more to be sent back home afterwards. Kevin's stay becomes more insane after the deal to go home is a lie, and worse yet Kevin becomes a true nightmare for the Pookminn and the entire island. The first movie is the beginning of this weird and hopefully ridiculous series, the sequel, The Pookminn 2 : Vengeance, is more insane and a look at what happens to Kevin after all he went through in the first animation. A 3rd Sequel, The Pookminn 3 : Extinction, is currently being produced for 2014, and will be the FINAL END to the Pookminn Series.

Take a look at this new animated series that is definitely random and strange fantasy animating for me.

Click the thumbnails below to see the larger images.

The Pookminn 2 : Vengeance - HD Animation By Jay Shah

This is my crazy SEQUEL to The Pookminn I made in 2012, where Kevin who was mysteriously transformed into "DARK KEVIN", his dark alter ego that completely destroyed and took over Pookibba Island, is seeking to destroy and take over ALL the remaining floating islands in the realm he is trapped in. In his dreams of ruling over the entire realm that he is trapped in, Dark Kevin will discover that he will have some problems in having his ways..............

Special voice actress appearance in this movie by: MEOSHA BEAN AS LILLIA

Alicia In The UnderWorld - Part 1 + 2 - Finished Animations

Alicia In The UnderWorld - Part 1 of 2 - HD - 2009-2013

PART 1 is a 17 minute Bryce 5.5 + Poser 6 movie I came up with in 2009 and have RE-RENDERED my 640X480 video to 1280X720 720 HD MPEG 2 video to show at YouTube.

Alicia awakes to a strange and mysterious realm where she must find out how and why she is there, and survive the dangers and terror she is about to face.

PART 2 is a 26 minute movie showing the insane and dramatic END to Alicia's journey in The UnderWorld. Truely a crazy and EXPLOSIVE ENDING that leads to my sequel, ALICIA : THE MADNESS ENDS.


My LAST and FINAL SEQUEL to Alicia In The UnderWorld Part 1 + 2, where Jimmy, a mental patient at the same mental hospital Alicia was treated for her "Mental Problems", is the new victim of "The UnderWorld" and the devious cat "Mazor" who enjoys torturing and warping messed up souls. BUT, Jimmy's fate with Mazor is quickly interupted by Slashgamm, The UnderWorld's most evil inhabitant that makes certain that Jimmy survives all the torments and foes out to kill him, and destroy them in the process.

Jimmy is the victim in this MAD & INSANE new 3D sequel, and HE will have to brave the toughest and most absurd evil UnderWorld characters that really want to make him suffer before dying a painful bloody death. The tables will turn for this mysterious realm that has plagued Alicia for most of her life..............Jimmy will END THE MADNESS...........

Made using Bryce 5.5, Poser 6+7 and several other programs, this LAST sequel took me a full year to produce and render, and it's 33 minutes of MADNESS!


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