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Welcome to my official website showing the latest info and video of my latest animated shorts and full movies made using Bryce & Poser. I've been animating as a hobby since 1996 and have been improving my animating skills I learned by myself with every new movie I create. All of my videos are very low budget and are made using affordable but detailed models I buy from 3D Vendors such as Renderosity.com, DAZ3D.com & RuntimeDNA.com. Someday I plan to create larger 1080 HD movies & videos but currently I am creating 720 HD videos which can be seen at YouTube or Vimeo. Take a look around.


Featured Friends That Have Helped Me

Meosha Bean - Voice Actress - M.V.B. Films
Willie Easter Jr - From YouTube.com

David Krupicz

Meosha Bean
From M.V.B. Films

Willie Easter Jr.

I met David at Youtube many years ago, and his movies he has created so far has amazed me how well he creates each movie with nice detail and effects. David creates all of his movies himself with a limited budget and with help from others, he is a "One man animation production studio".

Original Sine Productions - Animated Films By David T. Krupicz

David Krupicz @ YouTube

Meosha Bean owns and runs her own company, M.V.B. Films, and is a multi-talented actress as well as film and video director/producer. She has been gracious enough to help me with all my movies so far, and if she has time will be featured in several more upcoming movies I have planned for 2015-2016. Check her out @ YouTube, Vimeo and meoshabean.com.
Willie Easter Jr has also helped me with a character voice in "The King Of Brutal Wars 2 - PART 1" animation, as the voice of Jambo, Gravoz's warrior friend of his family. Willie helped with just a single line, but he has helped me with several other voices of characters in animations I have yet to finish or are waiting to be finished at a later time. Willie has been a friend to me at YouTube and he has his own YouTube Channel with many videos to watch also. Check out his channel at YouTube.

I have finished this latest animation in the last few years and is finally available to watch in 2015! BRADDZILLA is my BEST HD animation created in 2014-2015, and IS be the craziest 28 minute action/scifi fantasy movie about a boy named Bradd that accidentally becomes 60+ feet tall by some unfortunate circumstances, and wreaks violent havoc & destruction while trying to deal with his gigantic problems. Now available to watch!

I am finished with BRADDZILLA as well as KendoYosha 2: The Wrath Of Voorthangg, which I am creating the FINAL scenes for the end. Nearly 20+ minutes of my best HD video ever made, and also my best/improved animating today. I have a huge list of other movies I am working at for 2015-2016, which I will reveal later when previews can be shown.


Scroll images by bigoo.ws

Nevvoreland: The Dark Overlord Rises Coming in 2016-2017!

An unsuspecting Elf named Jettarr was enjoying being a loser outcast from the Elves in his surrounding forest when suddenly his life of being tiny changes in a flash. A flash created by a Fairy that chose to mess with Jettarr and allowed him to see the forest from a larger perspective. Little does Jettarr and all life in the magical forest around him understand, that a dark force is about to appear in their land that will show them true evil............

Meant to be a spoof of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, this 10-20 minute movie will spoof and crack jokes about many things and themes I've picked up from watching too many movies, playing too many games(like the PC game Overlord and Fable). This will be a mix of Peter Pan, Lord Of The Rings, Pirates Of The Carribean and many more movies and games I always wanted to SPOOF! The Dark Overlord Rises In Nevvoreland in 2016-2017!

New Remake Coming! The DisMaytrix!

I have started work again at a new animated REMAKE of my 2004 14 minute 3D Bryce 4 short, "The DisMaytrix", which was my low end 640X480 but crazy funny spoof of "The Matrix". I have zero clues as to WHY I made my 2004 animated spoof, but today in 2015, I am changing the plot & story of The DisMaytrix to a new 10-20 minute HD movie that will show jokes and parodies of every Matrix Trilogy Movie I've seen. Using my BEST 3D visuals and 3D models I can afford, The DisMaytrix REMAKE will have a new story and a new level of comedy that may be scary to watch. What is The DisMaytrix?...........It sure will be @#$%'n stupid for sure. Coming in 2016-2017!

See the original 2004 "The DisMaytrix":

The DisMaytrix (2004) from Jay Shah on Vimeo.

New Remake Coming! MALICE!

I have started work at a new animated REMAKE of my 2004 10 minute 3D short, "Malice In Hell", which was my first good animation made using Bryce 4 + Poser 4, but was sadly very low end 640X480 multimedia rendered video. In 2015, I am changing the plot & story of Malice, to a new 10-20 minute HD movie that will show how I originally wanted "Malice In Hell" to BE, but it took me since 2004 to realize the new animation idea. Using my BEST 3D visuals and 3D models I can afford, MALICE will have a new story and a new level of Horror & Nightmares in store for Malice.........

This dark 10-20 minute HD movie will be more than a mere fall down a twisted, dark rabbit hole...........Coming in 2016!

See the original Malice In Hell @ Vimeo

New Movie Coming! Xarra Doom : The Treasure Of Athukka

I have started work at a new animated movie this year that was inspired by all the Tomb Raider games and movies. This new adventure/fantasy movie features my character Xarra Doom, and how she discovers an ancient ruin in the jungle that leads her to a mysterious realm under the ground that's filled with countless dangers as well as undiscovered treasures past her wildest dreams waiting to be collected. Coming in 2016-2017!

KendoYosha Finished Movie

I have recently finished KendoYosha, a 3D short I came up with in 2011 about Kayumi, a highscool girl that is supposed to meet her boyfriend who is late for a picnic in the countryside, and she discovers a well that transports her to a mysterious realm where she will begin a crazy journey. Made using Bryce 5.5 + Poser 6, this 27 minute HD short featuring Meosha Bean as the voice of Kayumi.

See the FULL MOVIE @ Vimeo!

KendoYosha 2 Coming In 2015!

I was going to stop animating after KendoYosha, but I recently got more ideas for a short sequel that will show more about WHO KendoYosha is and which crazy things happen after him getting Kayumi back home safely to her reality. This will be a new adventure for KendoYosha that will be amazing, darker, more violent, horrific and crazier than the first movie. The darkness never before seen is emerging, and KendoYosha will face The Wrath Of Voorthangg. Coming in 2015.


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